Get to know the 15 finalists of the SIT 2020



#climate #environment

BeeOmonitoring combines nature (bees acting as drones to collect billions of environmental samples on large surfaces) and technology (software processing the data). 

Bach Kim Nguyen

Founder & Director

Michael Van Cutsem

Chief Executive Officer

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#climate #environment

Breeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data and air quality analytics software.

Robert Heinecke

Chief Executive Officer

Hannah Bettenhausen

Head of Operations

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BuildBuddy is a digital market place that cuts across the value chain and directly connects generators of construction

and demolition waste with purchasers.

Ali Khan

Team Lead Officer

Johannes Anrijs

Technical Expert




CloudCuddle is an inflatable bed-tent that enables families with handicapped children to safely sleep away from home, wherever they want and whenever they want. 

Lotte Leufkens

Chief Executive Officer

Oda van Hijfte

Chief Marketing Officer



#transport #mobility

CM Fluids AG is an environmental energy and transportation startup. Its mission is to disrupt the way fuel is supplied and consumed today by reducing the CO2 footprint of public transportation and fostering regionally based circular economies.

Lena Friedmann

Project Management Biomethane

Markus Ostermeier

Project Management

CMF Drive




Cokido is a bottom-up solution for parents seeking for affordable childcare. Cokido offers a solution to all parents, whether they are rich or poor, single parent or in a relationship, well known to their neighbours or a newcomer. 

Eefje Cottenier
Founder & Social Architect

Benjamin Schatteman

Board Member and Volunteer Manager




Corax is a biomedical device to prevent nosocomial infections and hypothermia in immune-compromised patients and particularly burn-injured children. Corax is an aseptic and controlled micro-environment, providing the features of an Intensive Care Unit room anywhere. 

Caterina Giuliani

Chief Executive Officer

Franco Pradelli
Quality & Regulatory Manager

Hera Mobile App_logo.png



HERA was initially created as an open-source mobile health (mhealth) platform for refugee women and children in Turkey. HERA aims to increase access to preventative health services, related to vaccine-preventable diseases and maternal health among Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Aral Surmeli

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Neeru Narla

Chief Medical Officer




Life Based Value is an EdTech startup that has developed a proprietary methodology and digital platform (Lifeed) with a suite of tools to support learners, highlighting to companies the importance of enabling employees to achieve better work-life synergies and how uncertainty feeds creativity, transilience and growth for individuals.

Riccarda Zezza

Chief Executive Officer

Stefano Rovelli

Partnership Specialist

NaviLens-logo_2019-RGB copy.png



NaviLens wants to make cities smarter and more inclusive by empowering visually impaired people with the NaviLens code, a cutting-edge technology based on a proprietary computer vision algorithm.

Javier Pita Lozano

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nuria Fructuoso Ruiz

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer



#climate #environment

PlasticFri™ is a CleanTech startup from Sweden with the vision to end the plastic pollution. PlasticFri™ mission is to change that reality by transforming renewable resources (agricultural waste and specific non-edible plants) into a biomaterial that is 100% biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic.

Allen Mohammadi

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Max Mohammadi

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer




Skill Lab develops a technological solution that allows job seekers to identify their skill-sets and relate them to occupations and educational items. The results empower individuals and also help job counsellors to provide effective career orientation.

Christoph Bretgeld

Co-founder & Director of Strategy

Karim Bin-Humam

Co-founder & Director of Operations



#agriculture #foodsupply

Hans Kristian Westrum

Chief Executive Officer

Tobias Glemming

Product Manager

SoilSteam system has proven it can replace the use of pesticides to eliminate weeds, fungi and nematodes without use of chemicals. The SoilSteam machine is 12 tonnes, 4 m wide and 12 m long, and is five times faster and consumes less energy than current state of-the-art systems.


Inspired by how nature collects water from the air, Sponsh developed a temperature-sensitive smart material that produces water from air, using the natural cycles of day and night.



#climate #environment

Lourens Boot

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Information Officer

Alberto Belmonte

Head of Research & Development




Tucuvi is a virtual caregiver that eliminates gaps in the care of the elderly population ageing at home via personalised phone calls made by a specialised Healthcare Virtual Assistant.

María González Manso

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marcos Rubio Rubio

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer